Digital Liquidity Management Solutions

Vision & Strategy

Shoraka Digital Ventures believes in innovation  to bring disruptive solutions into the marketplace.

We are proactively engaging with idustry players to create, innovate, launch, and partner with disruptive businesses and revolutionary ideas.


Managing Director's 

At Shoraka Digital Ventures, we believe in the innovation of corporations, startups and founders to bring disruptive solutions into the marketplace. We have been proactively on the lookout to invest, acquire and partner with passionate Islamic Fintech startups in the ASEAN region to accelerate their disruptive ideas and innovations into the market. 


At Shoraka Digital Ventures, we invest, partner, acquire, build and develop disruptive solutions in the Islamic Fintech ecosystem. Our strong funding capabilities, wide network, global presence and go-to-market expertise help to escalate the development of these innovations to rapidly move from idea stage to business rollout.

Our portfolio of companies at the moment are divided into three key areas:

Islamic Fintech Solutions

Shoraka Al-Amin Platform

Shoraka Al-Amin Platform is a Tawarruq commodity trading platform that is available for both conventional and Islamic financial institutions.

Shoraka Suyula Platform

Shoraka Suyula Platform is a secured digital marketplace for Re-Rahnu transactions.

Shoraka QuickFactor Platform

Shoraka QuickFactor Platform is a digital marketplace that provides liquidity solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) via its Reverse Factoring finance.

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Technological Services

Shotech Sdn Bhd

Shotech Sdn Bhd is a technological service company founded by Shoraka Digital Ventures that provides technological services to our portfolio of companies as well as other partners within the Shoraka Group.

Digital Joint Ventures

MyAngkasa Shoraka Sdn Bhd

MyAngkasa Shoraka Sdn Bhdis a joint venture company between Shoraka Group and ANGKASA via their 100% subsidiary MyAngkasa Holdings Sdn Bhd. MyAngkasa Shoraka was established to provide various advisory and digital financial-related services to ANGKASA and Cooperatives throughout Malaysia.

Shoraka Finsolution Sdn Bhd

Shoraka Finsolution Sdn Bhd offers digital financial solution for consumer financial needs.