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At Shoraka Digital Ventures, we together with our partners are constantly looking for the next innovative challenge to drive change in the industry. The aim is to create the next groundbreaking ingenious solutions with our Islamic Fintech Startups Partnership and Investment and become the world’s leading Islamic Fintech specialist.

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Our Aim 

Shoraka Digital Ventures (SDV), is a Private Equity group always on the lookout to invest, acquire and partner with passionate Islamic Fintech Startups in the ASEAN Region to become the accelerators of ideas.

Our Promise 

Our team is high-spirited with profound knowledge of entrepreneurship. We understand that our clients and partners who are history-makers, creators, innovators, disruptors and out-of-the-box thinkers - want more than just capital. We endeavour to partner with these leading-edge corporations and founders in every step of their journey, as we believe a genuine partnership is how we will accomplish greatness.

Our  Capabilities 

Our partners can leverage the group's expertise to secure capital through our funding capabilities. SDV will invest and acquire strategic partners that fit the group’s ecosystem. We aim to connect entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, executives, startups, industry experts and others in the technology ecosystem through our wide range of networks.

Our Expertise 

We have a team of experts including technical and executive talent, top marketing resources, branding team and key opinion leaders who are passionate to provide Fintech Startups and Founders with access to our expertise in these areas and insights across the entire spectrum of company building. The unique and differentiated business model empower founders and Islamic Fintech Startups to grow their companies at exceptional speed.

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