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Shoraka Finsolution Sdn Bhd

Image by Niels Steeman

RAYA (Receive-As-You-Earn), owned and operated by Shoraka Finsolution Sdn Bhd RAYA, a financial wellness mobile app for salaried employees to access a portion of their salary as and when it is earned. An employee benefit offered by employers that allows more flexibility and control over the employee’s monthly finances.

RAYA aims to serve the workforce to increase financial wellness and reduce financial stress. With a digital led platform, it provides on demand access to enable better liquidity and financial resilience.


The Need for Daily Pay


Benefits of Daily Pay Employer


Constraints on Employer to Pay Daily

  • Attract talents

  • Increase productivity 

  • Employee retention

  • For daily expenses such as food, fuel, groceries 

  • Better budgeting

  • For unexpected expenses such as emergency hospitalization, fixing motorcycles/cars etc

  • Tedious as salary processing is time consuming

  • Costly – daily processing would require more manpower

  • Inefficient Cashflow Management – mismatch with cash inflow 

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