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Shoraka Finsolution Sdn Bhd

RAYA (Receive-As-You-Earn), owned and operated by Shoraka Finsolution Sdn Bhd, is a financial wellness mobile app designed for salaried employees. It allows employees to access a portion of their salary as they earn it and is offered as a benefit by employers, providing greater flexibility and control over monthly finances.

The app's objective is to enhance the financial wellness of the workforce and alleviate financial stress. Through its digital-led platform, RAYA offers on-demand access to promote improved liquidity and financial resilience.


The Need for Daily Pay


Benefits of Daily Pay Employer

  •  Daily pay can help in attract talent by offering an appealing benefit.

  • Potential to increase productivity and aid in employee retention 


Constraints on Employer to Pay Daily

  • Tedious as salary processing is time consuming

  • Daily processing would require more manpower

  • Inefficient Cashflow Management due to mismatch with cash inflow 

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  • Daily pay addresses various needs, including covering daily expenses such as food, fuel, and groceries.

  • Aids in better budgeting and provides a solution for unexpected expenses like emergency hospitalization or vehicle repairs. 

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