Shoraka QuickFactor Platform

Shoraka QuickFactor Platform is a digital marketplace that provides liquidity solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) via its Reverse Factoring Finance.

This innovative solution helps to provide working capital and improve cash flow for SMEs.

This digital marketplace allows small businesses to have access to their financing needs in order to accelerate their growth strategy.

It is a Shariah-compliant, user-friendly, robust and scalable Factoring platform with simplified application, fast approval processes and quick disbursement of funds.

Factoring financing is merely a process of selling invoices in return for cash advance up to 80% from the invoice value. The remaining value will be used as contingency savings and will be return to the clients upon the full repayment.

Under Shoraka QuickFactor Platform, we offer competitive factoring charges with no collateral and minimal facility charges.

The digital platform is operated by Shoraka Global Capital Sdn Bhd, a company under the grouping of Shoraka Digital Ventures.