Vision & Strategy

Corporate Philosophy

Shoraka Digital Ventures believes in the innovation of corporations and founders to bring disruptive solutions into the marketplace.

True to our core beliefs in the Islamic values, we will be proactively engaging with Islamic Fintech Startups to create, innovate, launch, incubate, scale, invest, acquire and partner in disruptive businesses and revolutionary ideas.

We focus on Startups, Corporations and Founders who are passionate about transforming the financial industry with technological innovation.

We also concentrate on our core markets in the ASEAN region, which is one of the fastest growing region in the world, spearheaded by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the Venture Capitalist that acquire, invest, collaborate and partner with the Best Islamic Fintech Startups in the world.

Our mission is to always Put our Partner First in order to Accelerate Disruptive Ideas and Innovations into the Market.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy focuses on investments, partnerships and acquisitions of Islamic Fintech Startups that are led by passionate and bold leaders and Founders, who are building the future through financial technology. 

We are stage-agnostic in our investment. This means that we invest in seed to late-stage technology companies, focusing on the Islamic Fintech industry.

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Our partners will benefit from 

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Vertical Leadership

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Leverage on our strong network in the islamic financial industry

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Easy access to capital through our funding capabilities

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Our global presence will help startups to expand globally 

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Go-to-market expertise that can help to scale operations