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Our Team

Managing Director's Message

Together, we create, innovate, launch, incubate, scale, invest, acquire and partner in disruptive businesses and revolutionary ideas. By putting our partners first in our approach, we are able to accelerate these disruptive ideas and innovations into the market. We believe a genuine partnership is how we will succeed together.

It has been a great journey for us over the last few years as we have founded companies that are involved with the Islamic Fintech solutions, technological services and digital joint ventures. Our growth strategies, unique and differentiated business model to empower founders and Islamic Fintech Startups has helped to rollout these businesses at an escalated pace.

Going forward, we are focused on investments, partnerships and acquisitions of Islamic Fintech Startups that are led by passionate, bold leaders and founders, who are building the future through financial technology.  We will also remain concentrate on our core markets in the ASEAN region, which is one of the fastest growing region in the world, spearheaded by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

I am confident that Shoraka Digital Ventures will continue to be a part of the engine of change for our society as we create and innovate with other startups and entrepreneurs. Together, we want to be at the forefront to drive this transformation.

We believe that digital platforms will be the new infrastructure that underpins our future society and we believe that we will be among the driver of change in the Islamic financial services offerings together with our partners and other startups.

As Managing Director, I will ensure that our growth strategies remain intact and we will imagine together with our partners what is the next innovation that will drive change. We will push forward innovative solutions to bring forth the next wave of disruption especially in the Islamic Fintech ecosystem.

​Join us in shaping the future and making history TOGETHER!

Managing Director,
Shoraka Digital Ventures,

Johar Amat.

Drivers of the Group

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Co-Founder of Shoraka Group

Hasnul is the Co-Founder of Shoraka Group, as well as the Managing Partner of Shoraka Advisory Services, Dubai.

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Co-Founder of Shoraka Group

Wan is the Co-Founder of Shoraka Group. He is in charge of all Advisory Services in Malaysia and SEA region under the Group.

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Managing Director, Shoraka Digital Ventures

Johar is the Managing Director of Shoraka Digital Ventures. He has been in the banking industry for more than 25 years, specializing in Islamic Investment and Treasury.



Chief Executive Officer, Shoraka Global Resources

Zulkeflee is the CEO of Shoraka Global Resources Sdn Bhd the holding company of all Islamic Finance and Commodity-related ventures under Shoraka Group.

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Chief Executive Officer, Shoraka Global Capital

Hj. Abd Mutalib is the Group Head of Commercial Finance businesses, also the CEO of Shoraka Global Capital Sdn Bhd.